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Q: What am I signing up for today?
A: Today you are signing up to play flag football in the Greenwich Flag Football League.
Q: Do I need to be a resident of Greenwich?
A: No...
Q: How do I know what division I am signing up for?
A: Use the age your child will be on January 1, 2019. 4-5 years olds are TINY MITES 6-7 year olds are MIGHTY MITES,  8-9 year olds are  Jr. PEE WEES, 10-11 year olds are PEE WEE'S, 12-13 year olds are JUNIORS, 14-15 year olds are SENIORS, (There is no weight criteria)
GIRL's LEAGUE:  6 - 8 year olds are Powder Puffs, 9-11 year olds are JUNIOR GIRL's, 12 - 14 year olds are SENIOR GIRL's.
Q: How will I be placed on to a team?
A: Players are evaluated at an indoor facility by the coaches of their division. The coaches then meet at a later date and players are drafted on to their individual teams based on team need for players. You cannot pick or plan on joining a particular team.
Q: How will I know what team I’m placed on?
A: You will be contacted directly by that team’s Head Coach or Team Parent. 
Q: When is registration over?
A: Program registration will remain on-going until further notice. However, after the assigned registration dates have passed a $50 late fee will be applied thereafter.
Q: When does practice begin?
A: All coaches will have a different practice schedule (days & times). All teams can start their practices in early March. Teams practice once a week until the first game. After the first game, practice schedules will vary depending on the Head Coach of the team.
Q: Where do the teams practice?
A: GFFL teams practice at all different fields in town.
Q: When do the regular season games begin?
A: Games will start Sunday April 8th and are held on the GHSLower Turf Fields #6 & #7 and up in GHS Cardinal Stadium. 
Q: When is the GFFLseason over?
A: The regular season begins on Sunday April 8th. and runs every Sunday (Except Easter) until June. The regular season is followed by a playoff game and a Championship Game for teams that qualify (mid June).
Q: Are there any weeks off?
A: Only Easter Sunday. Practice schedule for this week is different for each team.
 Q: Are there weight limits?
A: No, there is no minimum or maximum playing weight limit for each division. Any player can play any position.
                                 LEAGUE OFFICE
                                       BY PHONE
                                  (917) 378-4210